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August 22nd, 2016 by J

Debuting in her acting career, at 10 years old, Emmanuelle Chriqui was this cute little girl in a McDonald’s commercial and everybody loved her. And now a gorgeous adult, she does attract both men and women with her charm. This naughty leaked sex tape is beyond her cute image as she’s grown wild and hardcore while having sex with her blonde BFF. She enjoys licking tits and eating cunt and of course likes getting the same too from this hot chick. They make the perfect pair that any man could want to play with in his bed alright.

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April 9th, 2016 by J

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Anyone would agree that Emmanuelle Chriqui is like a vampire who seems to never grow old. Looks-wise, she stayed as gorgeous as she were while she in her teen years. And even though none of us, probably, has ever seen any leaked videos of her where she’s gone wild with someone else or by herself in her adult age, I say it ain’t too late to discover something like this, her younger self, doing what we’d been expecting to see all these years. Yes, Emmanuelle was a skanky horny teen babe and she forgot about an EX boyfriend being a douche for uploading this video years ago. It shows her tight body in black lingerie as she does some kinky striptease. After going completely naked, she rubs her cunt and makes herself wet for her boyfriend who’s watching her on webcam. Emmanuelle may look like this shy kind of a teenager who only knows books and bicycles but she actually is full of fantasies about boys in her head that she kept to herself, well, until this naughty homemade sex tape leaked. Looks can be deceiving but now you know how wild she can be which would probably make you wish she has adult sex tapes this time.

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April 30th, 2010 by emma

Well, we think it was only a matter of time before this XXX video came out, considering all the Emmanuelle Chriqui dirty stuff that’s been going on lately.  With all the titty flashing and pussy exposure, as well as her hardcore photos showing her being fucked by multiple partners, eventually a pornographic video just had to be made.  And here we have our first look at that video, with a screencap of Emmanuelle Chriqui being fucked — and by the expression on her face, fucked HARD — by her porn star partner.  She’s getting a good slamming from her partner, and we’re glad because this video is going to go on our hard disk before long and we’ll be fucking our lotion-slicked hand just as hard!  No need to be ashamed, we all know what we’ll be doing when we get to see this dirty movie from this sexy French-CanadianClick here to get all your pornographic needs from Emmanuelle Chriqui now!

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March 3rd, 2009 by emma

Okay, so Emmanuelle Chriqui‘s been showing off her sexy body parts recently, and by that we mean flashing a lot of tits and pussy in photos that are heating up cyberspace.  But it looks like her newfound openness with the sexual side of her personality is even more carnal than we thought, if these images are any indication.  These two pics show our favorite French-Canadian Moroccan-Jewish hottie not only exposing her naked body for some guy’s camera (or her own), but actually getting down n’ dirty in some fuck sessions in front of the lenses.  It doesn’t mean that she’s performing for it though, that would be porn, but it does show that she doesn’t mind being caught doing something dirty like that.  Of course, we’d all love it if she did porn, though, so we’re hoping she was getting her ass and pussy pounded for the cameras on purpose.  It’s her first pic that’s got the anal action, while in the second pic she’s in a threesome with a guy and another girl, with the other cutie sucking on her firm titsKinky stuff for someone who’s been raised as an Orthodox Jew, but maybe that’s just the Quebecan in her strutting its stuff.

For more of Emmanuelle Chriqui nude and strutting her stuff even more, just check out that link back there and enjoy this sizzling hot babe as she shows us why she’s somebody to watch, even with a string of not-so-successful films back at the start of the decade.

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March 3rd, 2009 by emma

Your jaw will drop and your penis will form a tent in your pants faster than you can say “French-Canadian” when you check out these pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui stark naked, or at least showing off her yummy tits and her smooth, juicy pussy.  Even though we all know how sexy she is, seeing her bare her delectable tidbits is still a shock to the system.  It’s like an erotic overload for us seeing someone as hot as her actually get naked in front of the cameras.  The sight of her delicious breasts (even though she’s trying to cover them up) and cunt are definitely going to be burned into our brain as an infinite source of wet dreams and jack off materialEmmanuelle Chriqui’s pussy has been exposed and the world is now a better place to live in thanks to that.  That moist Moroccan slit is the stuff fantasies are made of, and sharing it with the world at last shows how giving Emmanuelle is.

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March 2nd, 2009 by emma

Emmanuelle Chriqui can be cast in a myriad of roles because of her beautiful and exotic features.  As the daughter of Moroccan-Jewish immigrants raised in Montreal, Quebec, she can be a sexy girl next-door or the sexy girl being stalked by a killer.  She can even be cast as the sexy Palestinian girl-next-door despite being raised an Orthodox Jew.  With her multinational looks, there’s always going to be a part for her in flicks where they want to raise the temperatures of all the boys out there.

Well, here’s something that’ll give them nosebleeds, and give every other horndog of any age out there an erection too.  As we can see here, Emmanuelle Chriqui is finally going topless, and she’s got as many looks doing so as the type  of hot chick roles she can play.  First we’ve got Chriqui in a bikini, with the top pulled open to the side, so that her sweet titties can pop out and mesmerize us with their lusciousness.  Then she’s going topless with a fedora on, moving into Godfather territory, which shows us her range as a topless actress, don’t you think?

And then there’s her topless photo showing Emmanuelle Chriqui in a Hawaiian-themed get-up with a red flower in her hair.  Clearly she can go topless even as a Pacific Islander hottie, so some enterprising producer should cast her in an R-rated tropical comedy ASAP.  Teen flicks are her specialty after all, whether they’re comedies or horror films, although her leading lady role opposite Adam Sandler shows that she’s ready for more mainstream stardom already.

Showing her juicy boobies is also a step in that direction, we think.  Line up those mature roles for her, right now!  She’s obviously ready, and if you doubt that, check her out in even more naughty and risque material when you click on this link!